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Mon-Fri from 7am-3:30pm

Mosquito Control & COVID-19

Clark County Mosquito Control District, as an essential service, is still serving the community by treating for mosquitoes and responding to mosquito control service requests. The health and safety of the citizens we serve and of our employees is paramount during the COVID-19 pandemic. To protect everyone, we have implemented the following measures to promote social distancing and to adhere to Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) recommendations and state guidance:

  • Increased cleaning of surfaces at the shop
  • Increased cleaning of trucks and equipment
  • Vehicles assigned to individual employees
  • Reusing existing personal protective equipment to preserve available supply
  • Staying home when sick.

To protect everyone and adhere to social distancing guidelines, please stay at least 6 feet away from Mosquito Control employees treating for mosquitoes.

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